[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Clippers (7-3) defeat the Toronto Raptors (7-3) 98-88, denying the defending champions the miracle back-to-back upsets【赛后帖】洛杉矶快船(7胜3负)今天以98-88打败卫冕冠军多伦多猛龙(7胜3负)。帕特森12分2篮板,莱昂纳德12分11篮板9助攻3断9失误,祖巴茨6分9篮板,贝弗利6分12篮板2助攻1断,贾玛考-格林10分12篮板,哈雷尔14分11篮板2助攻2断3帽,哈克莱斯9分4篮板3助攻2帽,路威21分4篮板4助攻1断;西亚卡姆16分10篮板6助攻,加索尔8分5篮板5助攻2帽1断,鲍威尔15分4篮板2助攻,范弗里特14分8助攻2篮板3断,布歇13分6篮板2帽,霍利斯-杰弗森9分9篮板3断1帽,马特-托马斯8分1篮板。————————[–]Raptors ezeymoney 191 指標 2小時前Goddam we fought. Can’t be mad about that猛龙球迷:靠,咱们极力了。这成果也无法气愤[–]Raptors Giannis2021 244 指標 2小時前Ran out of gas in the 4th猛龙球迷:第四节没膂力了[–][TOR] DeMar DeRozan kiciner 41 指標 2小時前this was winnable if OG played猛龙球迷:要是阿奴诺比能打的话,这场竞赛咱们能赢[–]Raptors Stretchhh 40 指標 1小時前For real man. So proud of our guys.猛龙球迷:真的。为这帮小伙子感到自豪[–][LAC] Montrezl Harrelll olwtferic 38 指標 2小時前Good game, man.快船球迷:你们打得很好啊,老铁[–]Lakers keep_calm_wack_on 76 指標 2小時前Raptors is really a good team.湖人球迷:猛龙的确很有实力。[–]aj2704 22 指標 2小時前Kudos to the Raptors. Probably the hardest back to back in the NBA, and they played so we’ll against the Clippers as well. Won against the Lakers.为猛龙点赞。他们这两场竞赛或许是NBA最难的背靠背,这场打快船他们也打得适当好。况且还赢了湖人。[–]Timberwolves Romulox88 21 指標 1小時前just died in the 4th nothing to be ashamed of on that b2b森林狼球迷:背靠背竞赛第四节暴毙,没啥丢人的[–]Clippers lo2miles 138 指標 2小時前Kawhi was 1 assist and 1 turnover away from a quadruple double. Raptors D is something else man.快船球迷:小卡离四双就差一个助攻和一个失误了。猛龙的防卫真是有点东西啊。[–]Mavericks TheRealPdGaming 204 指標 2小時前Holy Shit. Maybe that LeBron game wasn’t a fluke because even kawhi has almost the exact same stats as lebron did (minus the turnovers). The toronto defense is impecable.独行侠球迷:我勒个擦,或许詹姆斯上场打得差不是幸运,由于即便是小卡,他的数据也和老詹差不多。猛龙的防卫挑不出缺点。[–]NBA urfaselol 16 指標 1小時前Nick Nurse also A hell of a coach纳斯真是个好教练[–]Clippers redrum234 24 指標 1小時前Nick Nurse game plan around Kawhi was brilliant, i was so pissed lol! 9 turnovers god damn快船球迷:纳斯针对小卡的竞赛战略太考究了,我很不爽,哈哈哈。我尼玛,9个失误啊[–][SAS] Kawhi Leonard RedditThisBiatch 3 指標 2小時前Kawhi gotta Stop taking so many days off, you can tell its screwing up with his shooting rhythm.马刺球迷:小卡可不能再这么休下去了,显着能感觉到负荷办理搞乱了他的投篮节奏。[–]Raptors Im-under-your-bed 3 指標 2小時前He didn’t have a chance to get up shots lol. Every time he turned to a spot where he would normally shoot from their was another defender already there waiting for him.Nick nurse put together a ridiculous game plan for that. I’ve never seen kawhi get denied his spots like that.猛龙球迷:他都没时机舒畅出手啊,哈哈。每次他出现在一个往常能够舒畅投篮的地方时,早就有防卫人等着他了。纳斯这场的排兵布阵太凶猛了。我还从没看过小卡被掐得这么死。[–]Clippers biiingo 46 指標 1小時前They doubled and tripled Kawhi all game. The Raps D is crazy aggressive.快船球迷:他们整场竞赛都在双人、三人包夹小卡。猛龙的防卫很有侵略性。[–]Raptors Pixilatedlemon 57 指標 1小時前they did everything right under the circumstances and still lose. hate these moral victories lol, wish we could have been healthy.猛龙球迷:咱们用现有人员拼尽了全力仍是输了。不喜爱这种精力成功,真期望咱们能健康打一场啊。[–]Vancouver Grizzlies hyroglyphixs 47 指標 2小時前No legs at all on their layups, and the refs put their whistles away, not much you can do灰熊球迷:他们后边上篮时都跳不起来了,并且裁判也偏,你们的确也力不从心了[–]Raptors RunicLordofMelons 31 指標 2小時前My two biggest issues were that Fred kept trying layups, and Norm made a bunch of boneheaded plays.猛龙球迷:我觉得有两个问题最大,一是范弗里特老是杀篮下,再便是鲍威尔各种头铁的打法。[–]Raptors JevvyMedia 24 指標 1小時前You want Fred taking layups, they were good looks. However, he only got 3 minutes rest. It wasn’t the shot selection that was wrong, it was his stamina. Nurse needed to get creative but instead just rode him.猛龙球迷:仍是需求范弗里特的上篮的,时机都还能够的。但是呢,他只歇息了三分钟。他的出手挑选没错,仅仅他的体能跟不上。纳斯需求坚持场上的创造力,只能压榨范弗里特了。[–]Raptors RunicLordofMelons 5 指標 1小時前To be fair though, Terence isn’t effective at PG yet… meaning that Fred is literally the only PG we have. Nurse doesn’t have much of a choice but to play him for most of the game.猛龙球迷:不过有一说一,特伦斯-戴维斯打控卫的确不行高效……这就意味着咱们在控卫方位其实只剩下范弗里特一个了。纳斯也是无米下锅啊,只能死耗他。————————[–]Lakers Relatively_Cool 505 指標 2小時前The Raptors are a problem. In the second game of a back to back after shutting down Lebron and beating the Lakers, they shut down Kawhi and kept this game extremely close. You could tell they could barely walk out there.They are a fucking problem.湖人球迷:猛龙这队是个大费事啊。刚刚冻住詹姆斯打败我湖,这就背靠背冻住小卡,一向紧咬快船。他们都快迈不动脚步了。这尼玛是个大费事啊[–]Raptors lilmulla1 122 指標 2小時前Not to mention down 4 out of our top 8 rotation guys猛龙球迷:并且咱们只需8人轮换[–]Raptors Im-under-your-bed 86 指標 1小時前The craziest thing is how good the defense is when you realize that they are missing Lowry, OG, ibaka, McCaw who are all arguably the best defenders on the team at their position.The rotation should get bigger after this and the defensive intensity will be full tilt for 48 mins a night.猛龙球迷:最难以想象的是,咱们队里防卫最强的那批人本来是洛瑞、阿奴诺比、伊巴卡、麦考这帮不能打的人,但是这场竞赛的防卫却仍然这么稳。这场竞赛往后,纳斯应该添加轮换人次。[–]Raptors C0wsgoquack 56 指標 2小時前Missing 2 starters and our 6th man as well, but an L’s and L猛龙球迷:虽然没了两个首发和一个第六人,但是输了便是输了[–]Raptors Basically_Bear 42 指標 2小時前Don’t forget McCaw!猛龙球迷:别把麦考忘了啊![–]NBA Mintastic 5 指標 1小時前Gotta save him for the Finals.得把他藏着打总决赛[–][CLE] Matthew Dellavedova diiron 63 指標 1小時前So fun watching you guys, it was so evident they were gassed in the fourth quarter; 4/23, missing three rotation players, hobbled, and still fighting.骑士球迷:看猛龙这帮球员打球太过瘾了,少了三个轮换球员,他们第四节显着打不动了,可仍然在战役。[–]Lakers cladindryice 8 指標 2小時前Damn, I love the heart that raptors showed tonight. They all have that underdog mindset that you just can’t help but root for. Boucher looks really promising and I hope he develops into a productive player for the Raptors. You can tell how tired they got when their shots fell flat, couldn’t finish around the rim and could barely run an offense anymore :(湖人球迷:靠,我很喜爱猛龙今晚展示出的斗志。你会情不自禁地想要去支撑他们那种以小广博的心态。不歇很有出路啊,期望他能生长为一个高效的球员。惋惜猛龙后边投篮乏力,篮下打铁,简直都安排不起进攻套路了。[–]Celtics AffectionateZombie 45 指標 2小時前You guys are so much fun to watch though, man. Not gonna lie, definitely slept on you guys after losing Kawhi, but Nurse has this team playing so hard, and the defense is still sensational.Also, who tf is this Boucher kid? Cause he looks like a Siakam lite and I want to know where we can find one of those.凯尔特人球迷:猛龙的竞赛的确很有意思。说真的,小卡走了之后的确小看猛龙了,但是纳斯让这支部队打得很坚强,防卫真是太稳了。还有啊,布歇这小孩儿特么是谁啊?看着有点西卡的感觉啊,怎样找到这种球员的。[–]Raptors Makaveli80 24 指標 1小時前Yeah try the G League, dude was MVP and DPOY猛龙球迷:去开展联盟找找看,布歇之前便是那儿的MVP和DPOY[–]Clippers billcosbyfanpage 62 指標 2小時前You got one hell of a developmental staff and great scouts, keep finding these gems快船球迷:你们的球探和人才培养系统真的凶猛啊,总能找到这些好苗子。[–]Raptors WeDaNorth[ ] 7 指標 1小時前The Warriors were actually the first to find him. He was an undrafted rookie out of Oregon when the Warriors signed him to a two-way for the 2017-18 season (ended up playing one game for the Warriors I believe as well). Raps signed him last year and have helped him develop some more in the G-league.猛龙球迷:其实是勇士最早挖掘出布歇的。他从俄勒冈大学出来后落选了,勇士在17/18赛季和他签了一份双向合同(我记住只打了1场)。然后咱们上赛季签下了他,协助他在开展联盟生长。————————[–]Clippers redrum234 8 指標 1小時前game was so fun from the beginning, i missed those kinda games快船球迷:这竞赛从一开端就很美观,真思念曾经那种肉搏的竞赛啊[–][NYK] Cezary Trybanski TrRa47 92 指標 2小時前"No more easy layups, not while I’m around"-Everyone in this game尼克斯球迷:每个球员都是这个情绪:“只需我在篮下,你就别想轻松上篮”[–]Raptors The_Unknown98 178 指標 2小時前Raps got outrebounded 66-38 allowing 19 offensive rebounds.I get that it’s the second night of a back-to-back but rebounding has been an issue this season.猛龙球迷:猛龙这场篮板被爆了,38对66,让对手抢了19个前场板虽然这是背靠背的第二场,但是这个赛季咱们的篮板维护一向都有问题。[–]Aint25 78 指標 2小時前People gotta realize it’s partially a byproduct of the Raptors’ uber aggressive defense.那你得理解,你们篮板被爆的部分原因在于防卫侵略性太强了。[–][TOR] Norman Powell RookieAndTheVet 48 指標 2小時前Yup. Can’t have your cake and eat it, too. We like to leak out in transition, and you can’t crash the glass from half court.猛龙球迷:仇人,鱼与熊掌不可兼得。咱们在攻防转化的时分倾巢而出,那抢板时总不能从半场赶回来吧。[–][DEN] Alex EnglishBol-Bol-Bol-Bol-Bol 20 指標 2小時前I feel like they are so focused on contesting shot attempts that they’re often out of position for the rebound掘金球迷:我觉得猛龙过于寻求在对手投篮时给予身体触摸了,所以才会常常篮板失位。[–]Raptors AccountSave 57 指標 2小時前We’re without Serge and OG, certified boardmen.猛龙球迷:其实是由于咱们没有伊巴卡和阿奴诺比,这俩篮板很猛的[–]Raptors 300ConfirmedGorillas 29 指標 2小時前Lowry is also a pretty decent rebounding guard.猛龙球迷:并且洛瑞也是个篮板很强的后卫[–]Raptors Ting_Brennan 5 指標 1小時前And always boxes out猛龙球迷:他很会卡位[–]Rockets byRockets 21 指標 2小時前marc gasol washed火箭球迷:小加不行了[–]Raptors decipherz 17 指標 2小時前We need ibaka back asap猛龙球迷:伊巴卡有必要尽早回来[–]Pugsy Bogues 29 指標 2小時前Guarantee that clippers don’t have half of those Offensive rebounds with him there要是这场竞赛有他的话,那快船有一半的前场板是抢不到的。[–][TOR] Pascal Siakam Dragonsandman 15 指標 2小時前I don’t think that should be pinned on Gasol. He’s never done a lot of rebounding in his time with the Raps compared to guys like Ibaka and Anunoby.猛龙球迷:我觉得不能怪到小加头上吧。他来猛龙后就一向没抢过多少板。[–]Raptors RodneyPonk 7 指標 2小時前Raps were given 15 fewer FTs than the Clippers, felt a bit frustrating.猛龙球迷:咱们比快船少了15个罚球,有点厌恶人[–]Clippers zcd29 95 指標 2小時前Those refs were… something快船球迷:裁判组仍是……有点本事的[–]xxkhiemxx 41 指標 2小時前At least they were on ur side他们站你们那儿啊[–]Raptors Life_Of_High 27 指標 2小時前no blood, no foul.猛龙球迷:咱们队员不流血,他们不响哨————————[–]Raptors lowrylover007 62 指標 2小時前unfortunate ending but man you just have to respect the heart and hustle this team showed tonight, #gritngrind raptors猛龙球迷:成果不抱负,不过呢,有必要得向这支部队今晚所展示出的斗志和拼劲问候,黑又硬猛龙![–][LAC] Eric Piatkowski therohan 15 指標 2小時前You guys are just gonna steal that from Memphis?快船球迷:你们这是要抢灰熊的标语么?[–]Raptors lowrylover007 36 指標 2小時前we did steal Gasol猛龙球迷:横竖之前从他们那儿抢来了小加[–]Raptors henryjohnhayes 3 指標 2小時前They don’t need it anymore猛龙球迷:并且他们也不需求这个标语了。[–]Celtics DarkenedLite 116 指標 2小時前The Raptors organization have been so classy with everything Kawhi. Think he left the better team. So much toughness on this trip.凯尔特人球迷:猛龙对小卡的防卫真的是尖端的。我觉得小卡离开了一支实力更强的部队。猛龙这次客场之旅太难了。[–][NYK] Mitchell Robinson MyLadySansa 17 指標 2小時前*The guy who finished 3rd for MVP last season is still on the sidelines so Idk about that. I do like the Raps tho, Siakam is such a beast and they have great depth尼克斯球迷:人家快船还有个上赛季MVP评选排第三的人没上呢。不过我真的蛮喜爱猛龙,西卡太猛了,他们很有板凳深度。[–]Clippers tylerjehills 56 指標 2小時前Ugly ass win but no fucks given a W is a WFuck these Raptors are gonna be a problem in the East快船球迷:咱们赢得丑恶,但终归是赢了。擦,猛龙这帮人日后怕是东部球队的心头大患。[–]thekleo1 37 指標 2小時前Man, imagine being down 4 guys, 2 starters, 1 off the bench as their best player. Still giving a Clippers hell after facing the lakers the night before. Crazy how good they are没了四个球员,其中有两个是首发,一个是队内第六人。竟然还能在头一晚硬刚湖人之后,死磕快船。猛龙太猛了[–]Clippers_Arthur DigbySellers_ 17 指標 2小時前Clips D was absolute insane that last period.Good game Raps, Siakam is a monster.快船球迷:我船在竞赛末段的防卫绝对地强壮。猛龙打得好,西卡便是个怪物[–]Clippers tylerjehills 21 指標 2小時前Oh yeah. Every single player knows their role and they just straight up execute and never stop on defense. They probably take this if they don’t run out of gas at the end.The rematch hopefully when we’re both healthy should be incredible快船球迷:对啊,他们人人都知道自己的方位,老老实实履行教练布置,防卫端一刻不停息。要不是最终没膂力的话,或许猛龙这场能赢。下一场两队再交手的时分期望全员健康,那应该会适当精彩。————————来历:Reddit编译:云长刮个痧a.topic-link {margin: 10px auto;display: block;width: 600px;}.topic-box {width: 600px;height: 75px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101388748.png’) repeat-x;margin: 0 auto;position: relative;}.topic-thumb {position: absolute;left: 5px;top: 3px;height: 69px;width: 92px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_170919/zt_3111505780239.jpg’) no-repeat;background-size: 100% 100%;}.topic-angular{position: absolute;right:0;top:0;width:46px;height:42px;background:url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101463680.png’) no-repeat;}.topic-box b {position: absolute;left: 105px;right: 15px;color: white;line-height: 75px;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;white-space: nowrap;}美帝键盘侠—歪果仁精彩谈论汇总

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